Step 1 - Add PHV Case Information


Rule 8.0 of the West Virginia’s Rules for Admission to the Practice of Law requires a fee of three-hundred fifty dollars ($350) to be paid to The West Virginia State Bar for each individual applicant in each individual pro hac vice admission. I verify that the West Virginia State Bar pro hac vice fee for me of Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350.00) pursuant to Rule 8.0 is being paid in step 4 of this filing process when this affidavit and the accompanying motion are submitted electronically. If payment is made by check, the check must be received by the WV State Bar within 5 business days of the date of online submission. Failure to fully comply with this requirement of Rule 8 will result in notification by the State Bar to the tribunal having jurisdiction of the motion. Pro hac vice admission is required in every case in which the applicant seeks to act as counsel. For purposes of this rule, each civil action with a case number shall constitute a single case.

(To view a complete copy of Rule 8.0, which sets out the requirements referenced above, click here.)

In lieu of the format required by Rule 8.0, The West Virginia State Bar accepts the Pro Hac Vice forms required to be filed by the United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of West Virginia.

In order to proceed with your application, fill out the required information below and attach a copy of the Pro Hac Vice motion and verified statement you are filing with the court. Motions and/or verified statements which are not signed cannot be accepted

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2015 an annual fee will be assessed to any attorney who has 1 or more open Pro Hac Vice cases.

Enter the Civil Action Number related to the individual case. Do not use a Master Case Number, Mass Litigation or Class Action Number. If you do not have a case number do not complete this form until one is provided to you.
The email address where further information regarding the case can be sent to.
Search for the judge using Last Name, First Name or by email address. If your are filing with the Supreme Court use Gaiser, Edythe Nash. For the Human Rights Commission, Public Service Commission or any of the 55 Magistrate Courts, use "Clerk," and then enter the commission or court name.
January 20th, 2

Attach a copy of the Pro Hac Vice motion and verified statement filed with the tribunal here. Motions and/or verified statements which are not signed cannot be accepted. All documents submitted will become public. If any information should not be made public, please redact or contact Executive Director, Anita Casey at . Up to 3 files may be uploaded. File Size Limit: 6MB